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a human's guide to words.

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Blue Lips gives me Feelings. Astronaut: A Short History Of Nearly Nothing is very good. Invincible is FRICKIN AMAZING WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS SONG, it fits so perfectly. Thank you for this.

ARE YOU A PHOENIX T_T I've got all the best HPMOR feels right now, I think your mix fits Harry's more serious side really well. I mean, there's a lot of sheer shenanigans in the story, but then there's this part that gets through to the heart and that you've captured here. It's sublime. I adore it. METHODS' MIX GETS THENEWBUZWUZZ'S SOUL PREGNANT etc. I could probably make a True Patronus right now if I had a wand. <3

haha, thanks! as much as the humour in HPMOR is great, i've always adored harry's character in it, especially his more serious traits and trials, messed-up humanistic child that he is. i'm glad that i managed to convey that! <3