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Interracial Vocal Goosebumps


12 Tracks of my favorites vocal, group, or duo that I always listen to since back then. It's great! Eventhough there are some 'commercial mainstream notes' in some of the tracks, it still great & and i still like it, sometimes it even gave me goosebump! Especially that boyz 2 men, make me wanna stole someone elses girlfriend and runaway with her to some place beautiful and start makin child!

11 tracks
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wow thanks you just brought those cheesy moments with my couple... those love feelings that i felt when this songs were just out.

hahaha thanks man! yep those feeling when this sings were just out are great, have great time with your girl! ....anyway.. after you say so... it reminds me of my ex.. and i think i'm gonna call her soon :p