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he could slowly feel his self growing blacker


“You think everybody can be happy on this earth? One person’s happiness comes from another’s misfortune, don’t you know?”

Is this too upbeat? ha.

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This mix is perfect. It feels just like PunPun's story feels. I feel like the "upbeat" sound you mention is important for the sort of melancholy that PunPun endures. It's strange, and hard to describe, but I feel like it's just necessary. Just a strange, fitting contrast to the intense sadness that PunPun deals with, that really adds a certain sound and feel to the music.

HHHH sorry I'm rambling, and probably just repeating myself and sounding like a big dork. Tl;dr version: I super love this mix and think it's perfect for PunPun. Thanks for making it.

Oh my god, thank you so much! I think I kind of get what you're saying about the "upbeat" thing and I'm very happy that you like it :)