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Entente [Anora & Alistair]


Alistair falls first, of course he does: it turns out it's easier for Alistair to forgive Anora for being Loghain's daughter than it is for Anora to forgive Alistair for wearing the foolish, if loved, face of her dead husband. But Anora isn't Loghain, Alistair isn't Cailan, and their fierce devotion to their kingdom proves to hold more common ground than either might have thought. Post-Origins to Inquisition.

mostly soft indie folk - m@tthew mayfield, d@ughter, ray l@montagne, ben how@rd, @ndrew belle, s@nders bohlke, the civil wars, sleeping at l@st, a hushed sting song, acoustic j@rs of clay, and a lovely gotye cover.

11 tracks
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