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Green and Gold


A playlist representing the relative atmospheric progression of an epic. A challenge: can you infer the imagined mood or scenario without reading the annotations?


A personal mix I've been using as creative inspiration. You do not have to understand any of the songs' languages; merely the beauty of the language and the messages portrayed through it.

76 tracks
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@saj_te_gyuhyall Oh! Well, that's unfortunate. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have an alternative playlist on SoundCloud asap, so check back in a few days! ;)

I was wondering if you maybe have this playlist up somewhere else? Or just a songlist of it? Because it's completely impossible to listen to it on 8tracks anymore since they only allow people an hour of listening time a week now. *mutters something uncomplimentary about this site* I'd really LOVE to see the songs you've chosen, and listen, but with 75 songs and the new policy, that's not happening. -__-;;;