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it was always you, tetsu


hey remember that time aomine cried over kuroko


(a guilty pleasure mix in honour of the best and most important moment in kurobasu)

9 tracks
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Omg you made a playlist for this moment! And you even included an alt-j song that I thought could be about them! Im starting to think about making my own playlist after getting through this heartbreaking episode tbh, but I don’t want it to be just repeats of songs from playlists, that are already so perfect c: Thank you <3

@pixel blood hahaha i just had to make a playlist when i saw this scene animated - its one of my favourites (even if it so so heartbreaking;;) :D and oooooo, our music tastes must be super similar!! personally, i'd love to listen to an aokuro mix of yours, i bet it would be great!! you can never have too many aokuro mixes :o im glad you enjoyed the mix too :D thank you for your lovely comment!!