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Let's haul ass outta here.


An atmospheric instrumental mix for the long treks across the city, for the nights hauled up away from the cold, for the moments you remember the price you paid to make it this far, and for remembering those who didn't make it at all.

  • Jake Lonergan by kaisaberg
  • The Lumberjack's Cabin by Peter McConnell
  • Half Life Electric Guitar Ambiance by Half Life OST
  • Borderlands 2 Main Menu by TheMedKiller
  • Was That East or West? by Peter McConnell
  • Home (Cover) by Gustavo Santaolalla / The Last of Us OST
  • 00 (pt2) by 15
  • The Walking Dead Game by OST
  • Alone by Vikram Sharma
  • Exodus in America (Piano Credits Version) by Red Dead Redemption
10 tracks
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