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A New Tomorrow

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Just Some Video Games Soundtracks that can help you sleep,with Some Instrumental Music.

  • The Yawhg EP by Halina Heron
  • The Walking Dead Game by OST
  • The Yawhg EP by Halina Heron
  • In The Pines Credits Song by The Walking Dead Season 2 Game EP2 Music
  • Salty Seas by Devics
  • Peace of Akatosh by M'aiq the Liar
  • The Walking Dead Game Season 1 Soundtrack by Goodbye
  • For River (Johnny's Version) by To The Moon
  • the Great War by Emotive Motion | Valiant Hearts
  • 2.Valiant Hearts OST by Broken wings
  • To the Moon -OST- by Laura Shigihara
  • Painful Memories (Extended)(OST Heavy Rain) by Normand Corbeil
12 tracks
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