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Grey Days

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i'm slowly making my way through your mixes. this one, especially, chokes me up in an intense, bittersweet, sublime way thinking of my late partner. i get a feeling from listening to your mixes that you have also lost someone very dear. <3

Thanks for sharing and for listening. I have experienced much loss in life, it's fair to say, but never of anything or anyone so close as my partner. So sorry to hear that. I find music to be both therapeutic and evocative of transcendental and meaningful inner experience, and try to make mixes that speak to that. . . The mix I made specifically in response to the grief of losing my cousin recently is "Sky Blue Sky."
I wish you many Blessings and Healing <3

i appreciate your pointing me to that specific mix of yours concerning grief and inspired by your cousin. it resonates with me! i have two that i themed with grief, "the weeds are gone, and so is she" and "wild bells ring in a wild sky" though many of my other mixes are infused with grief as well. the strange thing about grief, and most prominent surrounding the deaths of those we love most, is how much it is infused with joy and vitality for having the chance to love someone so much and celebrate their life enough to grieve. music has such a magical way of expressing this more fully than words can! thanks so much for sharing mixes that tap into that strong connection between grief and belief in the beauty of life.