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sky blue sky


*updated and added to: 1/29/2013

A mix for my beautiful and brilliant little cousin, Gregory Painter, taken from this world too damn soon.

Cover art is one of the *many* breathtaking photographs taken by him

Bon Iver, Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins . . .

22 tracks
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This really helps - I lost a friend what feels like yesterday, but it was almost three years ago. To this day I don't know what happened or why she did it, just that she's not with us any more. Music is soothing, in the face of that.

It comes back just like that, especially with music. To feel them in song--whether the feeling is sadness over their loss or any other that reminds us of their vibrant spirits while alive--is a way to keep them with us always <3 So glad you found this helpful and sorry to hear about your friend.

thank you for this, I'm sorry for your cousin. My mother is fighting cancer and this playlist has helped me cope, so much. I appreciate it.

wow; I'm so glad this playlist helped in any small way. Thank you for sharing what you're going through. Best of luck to you and your mom <3