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Clergy Merger, or Burn a Church


Semi-narrative and possibly slightly au mix for the unwholesome, unholy, and altogether unlikely union of Gideon and Bill... Dipper... Bipper...

Horror film feels. Freak folk, ethereal experimental, pop rock. Quasi-relative of my previous Traces to Nowhere mix. Definitely not a sister. Maybe like its creepy uncle?

Even though I am trash and my interests are trash, my taste in music is... uh, probably garbage, to be honest. But please enjoy nonetheless. Also, I know Gideon isn't a preacher, but he's based on one and its not like Bipper's real a reverend, so... Listen, I just really like the imagery.

Art by me. Possibly temporary.

16 tracks
1 comment on Clergy Merger, or Burn a Church

@ceciilpalmer Oh man, no problem!! Glad I could help in such a noble cause!! (If you post it anywhere, let me know - I'd love to see it!!! If you're okay with sharing!!)

@ceciilpalmer NO WAYYYY!! Absolutely not what I was expecting, but right up my alley (I love gross gore stuff honestly) and totally suits the nature of the playlist!! No problem, I am glad to have contributed in any small way to your creation!! Thank you for sharing!!