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sweet dreams


♡ hardcore ♡

  • My First Lolicore (The Lolimaster Has Arrived) by BillmaZter
  • Timeless Creature by Hysterious Psykick
  • Lolicore = Loliwhore by Tetsuro SweetVomit
  • Amreeta (Devoted To Architektor Maran) by J-GABBERSHA
  • Subatomic (Large Hadron Collider edit) by chiptune
  • Not gonna get us (lolicore yuri remix) by basstardnoize
  • Lolicon Swimsuit Dream (##ALICE## Remix That Cost 30 Bucks And 12 Hours) by Lolicore Remixes Contests
  • Leipzig Terror Squad by Disco Cunt & Sacrifice
  • Never Wanted to Dance by Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Was She L.O.L.I. by akamushi-1
  • FAR EAST SPEEDCORE by m1dy feat. Guhroovy
  • I'm a motherfucking loli (I do whatever I want) FEAT. MewDezziMew by Kitsubreasts [Kannabi]
  • Your Warning by Speedcore Whore
  • Lolivision by Goreshit
  • Super Mario (8 by Capeton
  • TERRORCORE!!!! by Sinistra (Official)
  • Body Rain by Aaron K. Gray
17 tracks
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