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and then while i'm away, i'll write home every day

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There are so many riches on this collection, from the great joyous, laugh filled romp of the stoned And Your Bird Can Sing, to Dhani Harrison's haunting guitar on Gimme Some Truth, from Bob Dylan singing (when he still could sing) Yesterday as if Dylan wrote it to the great and lamented Elliott Smith singing I Me Mine as if THAT were an Elliott Smith song... The Fireman making Paul Macca relevant, as Paul is (but so many people hate him as if he broke up The Beatles and Yoko Ono were the world's greatest artist--she is a real artist, but so were and are The Beatles, and with the talents of the members of The Beatles, we will never see that unity again, until eternity..

And so many great cuts!!! I wish 8Tracks allowed skipping and replaying, and I really wish 8Tracks indexed songs, but, even so, Peter Crisp, Pietro Crispo, I salute Thee!!

For anyone thinking about playing this, go, go go!!! Great mix, with just enough Beatles to balance out the tremendous assortment of other interpreters.

And the interpreters each make these songs new, the first duty of art, as Ezra Pound said: Make it New. They did, and Peter did.

great great great...