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drop pop candies


All the peppy techno-pop vocaloid/utaite music you could possibly want in one mix.

Best enjoyed with fruit candy and root beer.

  • drop pop candy by Giga-P
  • Dreamin Chuchu (Hatsune Miku Youtube Page) by Megurine Luka
  • 【Rana73331】ウラオモテ・フォーチュン【カバー】 by Cillia/Kyaami
  • Len and Rin by Pink Stick Luv
  • Kagamine Rin (彼方此方) by Here And There
  • The Beginning's Goodbye (ハジマリノサヨナラ) by Hatsune Miku
  • Karakuri Pierrot「からくりピエロ」 by Luka Megurine
  • PONPONPON by Len Kagamine
  • 07. We are POP☆CANDY! by XiaoBiYao25
  • 96Neko • Kagamine Len by Happy Synthesizer
  • {Project Diva F} Tululila Talila Tulula {Kagamine Len}. by Koorinchan
  • kz (livetune) ft. Hatsune Miku by Weekender Girl
  • FREELY TOMORROW by Various Artists
  • Milk Crown on Sonnetica by Yuji ft. SoraMafu
  • Gimme Gimme【Cover ft. Hatsune Miku】 by Cillia/Kyaami
  • 「STEP TO YOU」唄ってみた by DECO 27&mirto
  • ★.。・「Girls」【MARiA[メイリア]×Easy Pop】☆、。・ by Probender
  • 09.マイルームディスコナイト by XiaoBiYao135
  • 96Neko by 96NEKO
  • 気づいてよ by IROHA
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