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Sam Wilson's July 4th Party Mix


Mostly because I fully believe he would make one for the New Avengers' first 4th. Contains jabs at Steve, and just general party jams.

15 tracks
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Sam Wilson planned parties for the avengers all the time. He loved the excuse to pull out the streamers and big chip bowls. When he found out that the 4th was Steve's birthday, the entire world stopped for a second. The following second, Sam was on the phone ordering a fog machine. No one really remembers what the fuck happened. Only that the beats were fresh as hell and Steve wore nothing but a star spangled speedo and a bow tie. (sorry to leave you this long comment, your mix is rad as hell <3)

@pucksdaughter is absolutely right. Sam is ALL OVER Steve's birthday bash. Bonus fun occurs when "Real American" inadvertently reveals that an unusally large percentage of the New SHIELD were Hulkamaniacs in their younger days.