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relax a little


chill out and drink some water

cover art is from steven universe

  • Animal Crossing 3DS New Leaf Tree Song by HatakeHime
  • Lucky (Instrumental) by EXO
  • Boyfriend by Boyfriends
  • Music Takes Us To The Universe by Linus' Blanket
  • ON&ON (온앤온) by Boyfriend
  • 2 Am by AC:CF
  • Giriboy (기리보이) by GIRIBOY (기리보이)
  • Late Love (Alt. Take) (feat. 윤석철) by 라이너스의 담요(Linus' Blanket)
  • Dance Of Swords Super Extended by Steven Universe Soundtrack
  • PM 'Orchestral' (5/15/2015 Update in Desc.) by Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Secret Love 」 by 「Ulzzang Pistol
  • 피터팬 (Peter Pan) by EXO-K
12 tracks
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