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Who watches me?


Grimmons playlist from the perspective of Grif. This starts with his mom leaving, drafted, Basic, "first Base", Blood Gulch, feelings, Tank incident, then more feeeeelings.
Parallel playlist to "Wanna Talk About It?"

21 tracks
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@garish_nerds SLDKF! omg thank you! Thank you so much! AHHHH! I'm so glad you enjoyed all of it. I really love story playlists. I love a good mix, but story playlists always grab me. I've seen some playlists where it's two people and their perspectives, but they never have them interact so I wanted to try and do that. Oh goodness, the cover photo KILLED me while making it. Grif was just killing me. Originally it was supposed to be sappy, but then it changed at some point? Lol. Oh goodness. Yeah there isn't a lot of sad playlists for these two is there? The most is a lot of Grif pining ones. Hmmm. Maybe I need to fix that some more ;) ((OMG SO I REPLIED TO THIS LIKE A WHILE AGO AND 8tracks is being super weird and not letting me respond, so hopefully this gets to you?! But jeez your comment just makes my day every time I read it. Thank you so SO much.))

Okay so first of all, you are a gift to all who love these two idiots. Second of all, this mix and it's counterpart are just so unique and creative, its what makes listening to them such a treat. I adore how you made these two playlists, from putting the songs in chronological order, including Grif and Simmons dialogue and thoughts, to actually having them interact with each other through the separate mixes. (Don't even get me started on the cover photo, the rawness of it is what dragged me in.) You tell their whole story, and i've got to say, it's the most thought out mix i've seen by far! Bravo indeed. And i think this is the first sad playlist i've ever seen for this paring? Which really fits them well, considering how they may act like a bunch of goof balls, but they've actually got a lot of internal problems they need to sift through. Thanks for the ride!