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From the Sea


A mix for the ocean gem, Lapis Lazuli-- in all of her complexity of character, she deserved something that borders on several key emotions and transformations.

but yeah this one is pretty much all surrealism.

  • Into the Sea (Sailing North Remix) by Port Blue
  • Jon Hopkins (D.R. String arrangement) by Journey (Monsters Soundtrack)
  • Orange by Insect Airport
  • Ioanna Gika (Cut version) from Snow White and the Huntsman by Gone
  • How To Destroy Angels by How to Destroy Angels
  • 2-1 (Instrumental Version) by Imogen Heap
  • Feeder by Adam Young Music
  • Colour Eye by Jon Hopkins
  • Swimming by Disasterpeace
  • Base Jumping || Adam Young by Port Blue
  • Imbrium [Neotokyo OST] by Ed Harrison
  • Time by Hans Zimmer
12 tracks
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