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Mireille locked eyes with the elder sister, but there was no fear there, only shock and -- strangely -- an understanding. It was a look that Miri herself had seen on her own face, but long ago. It had been before any of this. Before Henry, before, Reapers, before rescues and escapes and kidnappings, before Grace and thieves and bank vaults, and before New Haven itself...before any of that…

There had been two girls standing in front of a mirror. One of them sobbed because what she saw was impossible. Her skin was a bright and vivid green, even her hair had a slight verdant tinge to it, and it shuddered in soft waves around her shoulders as she sobbed.

“What am I going to do, Mireille!?”

“Just stay calm,” she’d said so long ago, and now she whispered it again.

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