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and i’ll write your name...


i decided to make a mix that expands on the character in taylor swift's "blank space." the song is a satirical piece, and the character herself is a caricature of how the media portrays taylor. taylor described the character in her humorous introduction to an acoustic performance of blank space (https://youtu.be/p1Zt47V3pPw), and often notes the complexity of this caricature. i wish she had a name, and i think it would be incredible if taylor used this character to make more songs or even a concept album.

1-2: introduction/prologue
3-5: love life
6-8: good fucking bye
9-11: regret + r.i.p
(btw- track 4 & 6 are references to other swift songs;
wonderland and i know places, respectively.)

anyway, enjoy!

11 tracks
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