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Fallout 4: Ladies of the Wasteland


This is an extended playlist for everyone who loves the music of Fallout 4 but got tired of hearing Bongo, Bongo, Bongo for the 4th time in 2 hours on Diamond City Radio. I wanted to make a playlist of my favorites from Diamond City Radio with many more jazz ladies inspired by Ella and Etta, but digging a lot deeper too. I tried to stick with the central theme the original soundtrack pretty closely, happy wandering!

94 tracks
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Amazing playlist! Stumbled upon it in my search for my fix of oldies! You knocked it out of the park! Thank you a million times. :)

FINALLY. The most wonderful, authentic playlist I've heard in such a long time. I'm a total oldies junkie and I'm so grateful you made this with such love and expertise. THANK YOU! ^^

This playlist is so great, its kind of unreal the amount of songs I knew on this playlist without the help of Fallout (my grandparents were born in the 20's so I've listened to a lot of this through my childhood). This playlist is amazing and I've actually listened to it quite a few times, it's the perfect music to draw to as well. I love it, thank you for making it!