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pop it ☆


light, poppy and intergalactic !!!!

album artwork by me <3

  • Pop It (ABSRDST remix) by Anamanaguchi
  • Candy Flavored Lips (bo en イパネマREMIX) by Spazzkid
  • Happy Chiptune by Dorian ChaosBlack
  • Sailor Moon OP chiptune dubstep mix by jrmusic
  • Steven Universe by Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe Theme We are the Crystal Gems ~Hypercute~ by Gravity2DX
  • Chiptune! [8bit Original Song] by Vanilla Choco
  • Skutermatik (SKJ94 cover, Chiptune) by Ande BFS
  • Kill La Kill OP (Chiptune) by Howtopeople
  • chiptune lullaby by keii
  • Adventure Time Chiptune Medley by Demensa
  • 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!!(Chiptune sucks remix) by Kommisar
  • Travel The Universe With Me [Chiptune] + Free DL by Bleesh [I <3 YOU]
  • Smile Smile Smile (Chiptune Version) by robotsexmusic
14 tracks
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