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Podcasts 101


This playlist features podcasts on imperfect escalators, man societies, spilling ashes on old heritages, taking apart songs and so much more. This might make you cry and laugh and publicly show emotions you normally keep behind closed doors.

Some of it, especially the Risk! stories, might not be safe for work.

While you're on it, just pass by, where I do my own podcast.

  • Yeasayer's Chris Keating by Stagedive
  • The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators by 99% Invisible
  • The Memory Palace: Origin Stories by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn
  • Man Up! by Mike Canillo / Story from RISK! episode "Perverse?"
  • 99% Invisible by Kowloon Walled City
  • Song Exploder № 2: THE ALBUM LEAF by Hrishikesh Hirway
  • Shorts: Double Blasted by Radiolab
  • Snap Judgment, "Lemonade" by Like Family
  • Kevin Allison: The games principals play by The Story Collider
  • Stagedive -Episode 17 by Damien Jurado
  • The Memory Palace: These Words, Forever by TheAtlanticTech
11 tracks
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