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Nice Wings, Wanna Fuck?


Darcy's initial reaction to meeting Sam Wilson was swallowing the flood of drool that appeared in her mouth.

Her next course of action, after several days of close study and endlessly questioning everyone around him, was to make him a fuckbuddy mixtape.

Because she's classy like that.

(So there's one "like to get to know you outside the bedroom" track. Sue her.)

A commissioned mix for chibimono to supplement her Darcy/Sam feels

  • Wicked Way by Ben Taylor Music
  • Slut Like You by P!Nk
  • Akon by sexy bitch
  • Do I move you by singlemalt
  • Fever (New Song) by The Black Keys
  • Gypsy Rhapsody by Bond
  • Raspberry Swirl (Heavy Flow Remix) by Tori Amos
  • Deeper Conversation by Yuna
8 tracks
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