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To The Moon And Back


A playlist of songs to listen to when reading my book draft, Skipping Stones. Jonah and Adelaide, during an evening of youth awaiting the coming of night to sleep on a beach under the stars, discover through skipping stones a path that the stones lead in the sky, all the way to the moon, which they later fall inside of. Inside the moon, they discover a paper-like, cold, almost ghostly world both entirely like their own and not at all, and many strange things follow.

Update: Currently has three chapters drafted, more songs to come with more content in the story.

14 tracks
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@admeloria Out of 14 songs: 1. Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy, 2. Define Dancing by Thomas Newman WALL-E Soundtrack, 3. The Honeysuckle and the Bee by William H. Penn & Albert H. Fitz From the London Stage Play Bluebell in Fairyland, 4. No Surprises, Radiohead cover done by Rockabye Baby (lullaby renditions of radiohead), 5. Mice on Venus by C418, Minecraft Soundtrack, 6. Strawberry Field Forever piano cover by David Lanz (originally by The Beatles), 7. Across the Universe Instrumental by The Beatles, 8. Where Is My Mind piano cover by Maxence Cyrin, original song by the Pixies, 9. Song of Healing for piano by kylelandry on youtube (originally from Majora's Mask, Legend of Zelda), 10. Subwoofer Lullaby by C418, Minecraft Soundtrack, 11. Fallen Down piano cover by amosdoll, Undertale OST, 12. Hop Frog, for piano: Danza delle scimmie by Daniele Lombardi, 13. The Sprout and the Bean Instrumental (originally by Joanna Newsom), 14. Speed Limit, A Night Ride by Ezio Bosso. I hope this helps! If you want individual links to the music if it doesn't show up when googling them, let me know :-)