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Epic Instrumentals 1


This mix has a million types of instrumental awesomeness crammed in, from movie scores to covers to orchestras.

Sit back and enjoy!

If you like this mix, follow this link for part 2:

Part 8 is now published! Check it out here:

And here's my Hero Edition:

35 tracks
8 comments on Epic Instrumentals 1

Coming Back Around just came on, and I have to say I was completely unprepared for that. I love it a lot and now I`m crying a bit. :`) I really like this mix so far. WAIT. I WAS JUST ABOUT TO FINISH WITH THIS COMMENT, but now the fellowship theme is coming on. Too many emotions are happening right now, your mix is breaking me.

@Bizarre Shenanigans THANK YOU! I have to say this is still my favorite mix that I've made so far, I'm so glad you appreciate it! And I cried when the "Freya" theme played on the show, so I had to put it here <3