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7 comments on nylons

i love this mix so much! i've been listening to it constantly and got my friend hooked. i do have a question: i've tried looking up "ke" by thanos ballos on itunes and the only result i get is completely different song then the one mentioned in your playlist. did 8tracks possibly re-name the track you used? sorry if this has been asked. i'd just love to add the song used to my personal collection of music. c:

@forsimplicityssake I'm so glad you like it, wow! if you like this style of music, it's featured in my "rare words" collection too - particularly in 'dinomania', 'deicide' and 'scelestic'!! they're on my profile, or there's a tracklisting link here on tumblr (I don't mean to self-promo, I just want to point you in the direction for more music like this!) :) x

@pluviales No no, self-promo if you've got the goods. I wasn't sure what this genre was so I'm so glad you have more playlists like it (I looked around but I couldn't find the same feeling you have with this playlist). I'll definitely be scoping through your other work. Thanks again! :)