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(the music btw was more than fine too)
Yes! I can stare and stare and stare at that masterpiece. I'm so grateful for all those feelings I can receive fom art . (I'm quite fond of those paintings of Bouguereau and Waterhouse and Friedrich too :)
http://www.allartclassic.com/pictures_zoom.php?p_number=139&p=&numb... (one of my favorites (I do have many :)!

(I'm pleased you enjoy it as much as I do~)
I agree, very much! It is so very beautiful how we, as humans, can create these things that inspire such intense feelings in others for years and years. The concept of it gives me gooseflesh(:
Ah, yes, and recently my friend was able to see The Bathers by Bouguereau in person. I was so jealous! Oh, and Friedrich, I fell in love with his 1818 painting many years ago when I saw a print in a friends house. It makes me want to climb that very rock and stare out into the solemn sea.
That is beautiful!! Certainly enchanting~ (with him you can't help but have many favorites (: )