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s t a r l i g h t


"I remember everything!" he snarls, loud enough to make her flinch. "How you move— the way you breathe—" His words hitch on a strangled half-sob; he stares at her like a man caught in a waking dream as he skims the line of her jaw with his knuckles, stopping to touch the pad of his thumb to her bottom lip. "How your eyes met mine in the starlight," he continues through a broken, haunted rasp of a voice, "and I felt like the look on your face."

Fits Rey x Kylo but specifically inspired by @unicornesque's To Kingdom Come.

The series destroyed me. Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/497407

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You've got to forgive me for throwing off your likes-to-plays ratio because I've listened to this playlist at least ten times. It's got so many songs that fit beautifully and that I've never heard in the context of reylo. Plus, this was my first time hearing Linkin Park's new stuff and I'm actually really into it. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful playlist with us!

@SilverInsanity AHHHH I'm so glad you love it!!! I wanted to bring some new songs that I hadn't seen in playlists to the reylo community - esp because when I was picking the music I was thinking of the Sword of the Jedi series on AO3 - which if you haven't read, I HIGHLY recommend you do. this is truly my fav playlist ever and I am also out here throwing off the ratio so THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! also spoilery - listening to this after seeing TLJ puts things into a whole new perspective.