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Ponyfonica Live! Favela Funk


Entre ritmos electrónicos, los tambores, y las letras esta lista fue dedicada al Baile Funk de Brasil y las favelas de inspiración.

Between electronic beats, the drums, and the raw lyrics, this playlist was dedicated to Brazil’s Baile Funk and the inspiration that comes from the favelas.

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10 tracks
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Hi Renata,
I'm sorry to hear this I do however think the playlist may be out of context. At Ponyfonica we try to analyze music from a cultural, historical, technological perspective and in the case of Baile Funk we found an interesting musical phenomenon taking that touches into all of these topics. We understand that there are people with different musical tastes, but we also try to bring to light some of the obscure styles and analyze them a little deeper. I'm not sure how much you know about the style but it has an important role with the current Creative Commons movement for artists, it is also considered to be one of the most creative forms of "remixing" for our generation inspiring some of the most important music producers and artists alike. We also understand that the cultural context within which it developed may be controversial but we make no apologies for putting the music up. If you want to understand a little more about why we decided to post this "Trashy" music as you've described then we invite you to read the music post on the site as well as listen to the full episode of the webcast where we talk about the topics mentioned above.

Hope this helps to shed some light on where we're coming from.

Have a good day!