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still in my bed

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Can you post the track list? I listened to the whole thing and loved it, but as I was about to download the songs my computer glitched and closed out of it :/

@emily016uk Sureee!!! and thank you for loving it : )
1. 맘 편히 (Comfortable) - Simon Dominic, One
2. All Day (Feat. DJ SQ & Han Yo Han) - Giriboy
3. Bawling - Primary (프라이머리), Hyukk Oh (오혁)
4. Hollywood - 검정치마
5. EVERYTHING - 검정치마 (The Black Skirts)
6. Everyday With You (매일 그대와) - Deulgukhwa (들국화)
7. A Little Girl - Hyukoh
8. Sincerely To You - Sweetpea
9. 전화 받지 마 x 컬러링 - Geeks & WINNER
10. Youth 청춘(Night) - Oohyo(우효)