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I've Got You (on my GPS tracker)

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only two songs in and i'm completely hooked. If I Had You is the perfect intro song for unrequited hux. bless u

@vieri ahh thanks buddy! I'm glad you like my mix! and yes!! If I Had You is such a kylux song istg. It fits them so perfectly.

This is an Absolute Treasure - not only is it super fucking funny (About You Now killed me oh my god) but it also completely fits! There were songs on here that started playing and made me go "OF COURSE!" because they so obviously fit but had never crossed my mind before (If I Had You made me so happy because that is actually a song I 100% associated with Kylux). This was such a fun mix to listen to thank you so much for making it!!

@BritanniaFork Ah!!! thanks for that comment! :D They aren't the typical songs that come to mind when you think of the "scary" General Hux, but I think they fit him so perfectly. And in "If I Had You" when he says there's a thin line between the dark side and the light side like yes that is Kylux right there.

@poorbasil They really do fit! And the idea of him actually listening to pop music, these songs in particular, is just. Golden. Too good. I remember that I first heard If I Had You around the same time I first really discovered Kylux and that line hit me and suddenly there I was, in the trash can. It's so perfect for them.

@BritanniaFork Freakin' same. I love the idea of, after a long day giving orders and taking shit, Hux returns back to his private room and puts his pop jams on while thinking about Kylo (possibly while in the shower because I'm trash)

@poorbasil He has an entire playlist of them that just keeps getting longer. He knows every song off by heart and sometimes he hums and sings along to them while in the shower. He's never been more thankful for the existence of soundproof walls in his life.

@BritanniaFork Of course, there are those moments when Kylo comes quietly into the bathroom to style his hair while Hux is singing in the shower. Kylo never mentions how he can hear him. It's not like Hux has a bad voice, but he's no 1980s Madonna.But Kylo secretly loves it regardless.

@poorbasil Kylo's managed to hear enough Hux's music collection that he also knows a fair amount of the words. He starts humming tunes under his breath, then quietly singing a few lines to himself. Imagine eventual duets in the shower. IMAGINE. Oh god this is giving me an overwhelming urge to write a small fic about this.

@BritanniaFork !! I was thinking the same thing about Kylo humming some of the songs. He'd do it unconsciously as he stalked through the corridors but his mask would distort the humming and make it sound much louder and more obnoxious than it really is, causing all the stormtroppers he passes to stare at him awkwardly as he struts past them.

@poorbasil It makes his image seem even more terrifying because none of the stormtroopers know what the heck he looks like. So they have no idea WHAT he's doing - is he growling? breathing weirdly? - and it puts them all on edge. Kylo catches their panicked thoughts regarding what he actually looks like under the helmet and what the hell the loud, distorted noises ARE and finds it all pretty amusing.

@BritanniaFork I love this. You should seriously write a little fic about it. The stormtroopers probably congregate in their public meeting rooms and gossip about what they think he looks like under the helmet and what a being could make such strange noises. Imagine though when Matt comes along and they pull him into the gossip and he's equally insulted but amused at the same time.

@poorbasil When he next sees Hux he briefly mentions it, and the strange mixture of being amused and insulted that he's feeling turns into a rant of "how did this start? They think I'm some horrific abomination of a being. Teeth on my tongue - how does that even work?!". Hux has never laughed harder in his life (Kylo finds he likes the sound quite a lot). He manages to calm down enough to suggest that Kylo start some rumours of his own as Matt. This eventually descends into the "Kylo Ren has an eight pack" conversation - Hux soon hears about it and promptly loses it again ("At least start rumours that are somewhat believable Ren" he says, to which Kylo replies with an eloquent "Shut up"). One day Kylo returns after hearing yet another set of rumours - he swears they're getting more peculiar each week - he turns to Hux and says that maybe if his choice in music wasn't so catchy, he wouldn't be constantly humming them under his breath, nobody would've heard that through his helmet, and these rumours wouldn't have become so ridiculous. Hux freezes because 'wait what, Kylo likes the music enough to hum it to himself?' turns into 'does he know I listen to them and think of him?'. I'm definitely going to write a fic, I've decided. This is too good not to at this point.

@BritanniaFork !!! holy shit I love this. Seriously, link me to your fic or hit me up if you need so suggestions/feedback. Imagine thou there's a celebration/party at Starkiller Base and its really informal, there's drinks and music and what not. Hux shows up pristine as ever, he was planning on ordering a single drink and then leaving for appearances sake only. He's sitting there at the bar quietly drinking when /his/ song comes on. He looks up, a curious expression on his face. They don't play pop music in the First Order. Then he sees him: Kylo Ren walking onto the dance floor with his mask off, hair flowing, and all dressed in black fabric. And Kylo comes over to Hux humming along to the beat, totally ignoring the surprised faces of the stromtroopers (and did that guy by the wall just pass over twenty credits?) and he simply tells Hux that it was time for the rumors to end. Bonus if the music is playing off Kylo's personal mixtape he made of all the songs he hears Hux singing in private. (and ofc in my head they end up dancing and Hux may or may not end up singing along to the music all night)

@poorbasil Ohhh my god this is amazing! Imagine Hux briefly losing himself to the music - enough so that he closes his eyes for a little bit, simply listening and enjoying - and when he opens them Kylo's there, grinning like an idiot, and without his mask Hux can see adoration in his eyes, clear as day, and maybe forgets how to breathe a little bit. Aaaa I'm gonna do it this weekend, this is gonna be a thing! Our holidays just started so I should have time, and yes I'll definitely shoot you a message about it as I go

Awh thank you so much!! Yep, I totally picture Hux being a pop music fan on the down-low. Gotta compete with that angst somehow.