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Tears Are Cool

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I Don't Mind by The Ropers
Ginger by Lilys
Velocity Girl by Primal Scream
Threnody by Veronica Lake
(You're) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl) by My Bloody Valentine
Chocolate Matter by Sweet Trip
Naomi & Me by Rocketship
Favorite Beatnik Star by Poole
When You Smile by Veronica Lake
Critical mass by Teenage Fanclub
Crying by Bart & Friends
Tom Courtney by Yo La Tengo
v neck by Madison Electric
Claire Hates Me by Lilys
Your Feelings Don't Show by Pants Yell!
Undecided by Autohaze
Your New Boyfriend by Rocketship
Heartbeat by Black Tambourine
God Knows It's True by Teenage Fanclub
A Good Flying Bird by Guided By Voices
Open Your Eyes by Bright Coloured Lights
Thorn by My Bloody Valentine
and garfunkel by Madison Electric
From Hell To Helsinki by The Melons
Waiting For October by Polaris