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Nothing Much To Do Mix


Songs from the show, Nothing Much To Do, plus some related music. This has an awful lot of Balthazar

  • An Ode by Balthazar Jones
    Balthy's song to Pedro
  • Beatrice You're Vivacious by Benedick Hobbes
    Benedick's song to Beatrice with Balth on ukulele
  • Sigh Not So by Balthazar
    The original Shakespeare song covered by Balth
  • Sigh No More Cover by Stanley Balthazar
    Cover of the original Sigh No More by Mumford&Sons by Balth
  • Way To Tell You by Beatrice Duke
    Beatrice's song for Benedick with Balth on ukulele
  • Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons
  • Fairytale (Sara Bareilles Cover) by Emma Stevenson UK
7 tracks
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