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Ten Black Betty's bam ba lam


This mix will either have you jumping around the loungeroom or running for the window! It's pretty much a history of modern music through one song. Starting with the earliest known recording of Black Betty sung by convict James Baker, to the original Lead Belly classic, then pure Black Betty right through the ages from rock to punk, folk to grunge and dance to house. If you get through this 80-years-of-Black-Betty mix you deserve a beer (a big one!)

10 tracks
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Thanks buddy. Glad you could tune in. I'm loving the way you order your play lists. Never knew there was comedy and spoken word on here until now. Cheers.

Not a problem Cheers
You may be interested in another one song mix i've just added to my collection.
Click on my name below scroll down my collections to one song collection.It's "Blackbird" quite impressive.
Cheers buddy.

Thanks for posting this. I did one similar with the song, "John Henry". It's important to see where it all began.

Thanks Matt, agree good to put all those popular covers in in context with the the originals. Enjoying your blues and gospel mixes, keep em coming.