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oopsie daisy


a bunch of my favourite songs bunched up together !!!!! sorry they're all different genres !!!!!!

  • thought u were better than that by Cyberbully Mom Club
  • Ghost Party by OH!Hello
  • "What The Heck" by i tried to run away when i was six
  • you look like a cat when you sleep by audreyisfab
  • I WANT U TO FIGHT ME by lilac skate team
  • Tigerlily by The Oh Hello's
  • I'm tired (and I hate this song) by Shari Heck
  • Philadelphia, Don't You Haunt Me by shari heck
  • Secretly Loving the Smell of Suntan Oil by Lullatone
    thank you for listening to this mix of songs!!! this is a special message just for you!!!! i love you!!!!well done for being you !!!! HEK YEA!!
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