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Definitely One Day

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@portlandishome The only thing that could've made it better was if they actually added a little more time to it like they did for Burzek and (I shouldn't say it but..) Linseride. Like made it really Really hot #bedscene like on #Castle but I have to tell u I had collateral damage to my ovaries bc they exploded and im waiting for them to grow back (probs nvr @ this point bc why bother trying when u know they wil explode again) xD

@sodapop99 I KNOW!!!!!! I legitimately started having trouble breathing correctly. When I get extremely excited I start sucking in air and making weird sounds in my throat, to the point where I can't even speak. It's honestly a sight to see. BUT THAT SCENE WAS SO FRIGGIN HOT.

OMG I LUV UR PLAYLIST!!!!!!!! But as i was listening a song popped into my head which i thought would be the perfect Linstead song... A song called Waiting For Superman by Daughtry.. Check it out and see for yourself :)

U should still add this song to ur playlist cuz it kinda goes with the "right now" part of their new vessel especially when he picked her up to bring to bed at end :))))))) U will know what I mean if u listen to song ^^^^^^^^^^