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This Is Our City


Some songs that make me think of the Detectives and Patrol Officers of NBC's Chicago PD. Some may reflect individuals and some may reflect them as a whole. I'll try to find and add more songs over time.

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Oh oh oh!!! Great Linstead song popped into my head!! It's a song by Daughtry called Waiting for Superman. I GREATLY recommend it! U will fall in love with it and it's connection to the Linstead situation soo much that u won't be able to stop listening xD

@anon-100003108515657 Whoops, I read it wrong, that is for something else... anyway go to "settings", then find the "account" tab. I did this, and it's right there. I'm on my computer, so it's on the right hand side. But if you're on your phone, I'm not sure what side it will be on. But it's for sure under the "account" setting!

OMGEEEEEE!!!! Great Job making this!!! I can see the characters and clips from the show as well as fan vids on YouTube flashing through my mind as each song plays. Beautiful work!! I couldn't have asked for a better playlist but you could make it a little bigger to continent it's awesomeness :)

@anon-100003108515657 Wow, thank you so much!! I'm really happy you like it. I'm currently trying to find more songs to put in, but it's a slow go. But there will be more! Thanks again!