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books, books, books


compilation of songs that i listened to while reading my favorite books

5 songs = one book

the books are, in order:

divergent by veronica roth
eleanor & park by rainbow rowell
the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky
looking for alaska by john green
the fault in our stars by john green

(p.s. some songs have a connection to the book, if you listen closely and take a look at the titles. enjoy!)

20 tracks
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of course!! im really glad you made this mix and you obviously understand music really well :) wow thats awesome! we must have a lot in common! (:

im always trying to find music to listen to while i read and let me just say FANTASTIC JOB! i read all different sorts of novels (from 13 reasons why to catching fire) with this mix & it worked perfectly with every single page! thank you so much for making this :)

this is one of the nicest comments i've ever received i'm so glad you like this thank you so much omg and 13 reasons why and catching fire are also two of my many favorite books! (:

omg, bad blood. i'm just. i liked it as soon as i saw the first song was bad blood. and OHMYGEE. bad blood totally fits divergent.