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Forgotten 80s (or never heard)(probably)


Some of you will say "Oh, I haven't heard that in ages." Others will not have heard some of these. I like these songs and I WAS THERE BRO!

Starts mostly new wave, wanders around, and gets mellow at the end. (actually, I put Jean-Michel Jarre's Ethnicolor as the last song...not so mellow.)

19 tracks...and I might remove some that I feel are too quiet. Stupid 80s CDs.

18 tracks
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@angieldennis This isn't actually showing the true albums that I ripped these from, because I actually had the CDs that these came from (but then ripped them and sold them). Like Yellow's Oh Yeah they have from some other albums than One Second, which is the one I got it off. And No One Lives Forever is from Dead Man's Party, not whatever movie soundtrack it said. They did get Breakaway's album correct, I really liked the entire album by Big Pig, but then again, with my musical tastes, how can I not like a band with five percussionists.