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It is the way u smile it is the way u take ur time,
the way i never can decide if ur a girl or if ur a guy,
ur face can make me cry or even make me loose my mind,
picture of u in my wallet for the babe I`ll give my life.

including : Molly Nilsson, Easter and Grimes.

  • EASTER UR A GREAT BABE by starcraftslut
  • She Kissed Me And I Fell Ill by Terror Bird
  • I'm Still Wearing His Jacket by Molly Nilsson
  • GRANIT "Aresta" by Está Pasando
  • Angel by Grimes
  • Found Love in a Graveyard by Veronica Falls
  • Holograms by Butterclock
  • Rain by Computer Dreams
8 tracks
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