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sacrifice play


our story is broken, with pieces missing and pieces out of place, but i will tell it anyway, with every painstaking detail falling from my lips like the diamond-bright tears from your eyes the day you disappeared


i. climax (his heart stops)

ii - iv. denouement (he marches like he's still at war without an enemy)

v - vi. resolution (it comes with closed eyes and better places to take a nap)

vii - ix. rising action (there isn't a hand that refuses to help pick him up)

x. exposition (he remembers an unregretful goodbye)


[ chrom x robin; a playlist about loving, losing, grieving, and looking forward once again ]

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Aaaaahhh these songs fit so well and tbh theyre oddly perfect for each other? Idk how to describe it quite the way id like but they seem to fit into each other and create a really unified mood throughout and the chroNOLOGY!!! The chronology! Not just in the lines you pulled but the moods of the songs it fits so well how do you do it? I love this half melancholic feeling this creates so much aaaaaa