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i'm sorry for the trouble


Me, she, and Ene were the only conscious Mekakushi Dan members left. Konoha, who dropped out a few minutes ago, was now slumped on the sofa by Kido, arms loosely splayed out in both directions.
"Oooh! Looks like Mr. Faker's checked out for the night, hmmm? Nice to see SOMEONE making himself at home."
"What do you mean, Mr. Faker?"
"Mm? Just the nickname I gave him. It's kinda hard to tell 'em apart, otherwise."

The young man turned his barren countenance towards mine.
"Um... I'm sorry. It's my fault she's angry, probably." His voice was a whimper.

(a mix for konoha's artificial being, identity, and existence apart from haruka)

14 tracks
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