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Modern Mizrahit / ethnic pop

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whats the name of the song which says "A Question Of Dueff (Lionel Hutz Instrumental Mix) Havana Boys"
actually do u have all the names of the songs. i google searched some and cant find them.

Hi :) Sorry for the very late reply, not sure whether you still need the name of the song "A Question Of Dueff (Lionel Hutz Instrumental Mix) Havana Boys", it's actually - Rak Elohim Yodea by Regev Hod.
All the other songs seem to have proper names... do you mean the ones with Hebrew characters?

thanks!! & yes the ones with hebrew characters if you have a chance! The songs are all incredible and im trying to find a place to download them! :)

:) I'm glad you enjoy the mix (:
Here's the full track list
Kama Hitgaagati - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Kol HaNeshama - Itzik Kala Ve Stalos
Neshama Sheli - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Mefuneket - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Yom Yafe - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Affa al Atzmeh - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Ani Met Alaich - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Do You Love Me - Sarit Haddad
Taba Tumba - Shlomi Saranga
Hibuk Ohev - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Tamid At Metukteket - Stalos Ve Oren Chen
Isha Yafa - Itzik Kala
Ze Rak Nidme Lah - Shlomi Sranga
HaLayla - Margalit Tsanani
Ani Ba Elaih - Ofir Cohen
Ad Lev Shamaim - Avi Sinvani
Saida Sultana - Dana International
Yesh Li Rak Otach - Dudu Aharon
Paam BaHaim - Zehava Ben and Dudu Aharon
Ze Ani - Eyal Golan
Amen - Haim Israel
Naaleh Naaleh - Haim Israel
Kol HaOlam - Dudu Aharon
Rak Elohim Yodea - Regev Hod
Barcelona - Eyal Golan
Balbeli Oto - Kobi Peretz
Chamoti - Sarit Haddad
Ze Hasod Sheli - Sarit Haddad
O Sheken O Shelo - Itzik Kala
Some of them are actually easier to find with the Hebrew titles, but good luck :)