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Hogwarts Library pt. II

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@teatimeismetime I hope this worked for you. To be honest I made all of the playlists initially for myself, because I have the same problems. I have the attention span of a goldfish, and always used the 8tracks study playlists to keep me focused. Eventually I decided to select the tracks that worked best for me and added them together in a playlist. But of course I'm not you and I can't predict how it will work out for you ;-)!

I was NOT expecting See You Tomorrow, and I just did a double take at my computer when it played, BLESS YOU FOR PUTTING HTTYD IN THIS. On another note this is really helping me to study, thank you for putting this together!


I know I love httyd! All my hogwarts library playlists are a combination of Harry Potter and HTTYD (and some other film scores that keep me focused, which says a lot since I have the attention span of a goldfish)

So good. I use this almost every time I study. And when I'm not studying and I hear this, all i think about it real estate and business law.

I was more productive after I started this playlist than I was for the rest of the day. Amazing but it made me want to go do epic adventurous things. Sucks when you can't.

I know the feeling. Although I promised myself to have a Harry Potter marathon with my best friend after being done... (because the music also made me want to watch the movies :P). Making yourself promises and giving yourself a rewarding goal is effective :P