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Hogwarts Library pt III Welcome Back

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I swear this is the best fantasy/instrumental/study mixtape I've ever heard. It's just perfect and it helps me soo much. Thank you!! :)

@MattBaratheon You're welcome :-). I'm happy this playlist has helped you out so well! I have made 4 more Hogwarts Library playlist. If you ever get fed up with this one, try out one of those. Different songs, but a similar theme and mood.

Along being great for studying, the playlists have been great to mark to. Imagine the Hogwarts professors in their offices, marking the OWL exams!

I'm so happy to hear that my playlist works for so many people as well. I started making them for myself, because my concentration generally sucks. But it's really nice to hear that other people benefit from it as well.. Keep up the good work everyone. We'll make it through midterms!