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gravityofsound #27 - Carpe diem


Post-rock and related genre playlist. It's suite for the voiceless lovers in the first quater of 2013.

Please enjoy our atmospheric songs by To Sail Beyond The Sun, Wang-wen and Signals To Vega for example.

'The soundtracks of your life'

11 tracks
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Please enjoy The soundtracks of your life.

A Day in the Life - The Album Leaf
Sub Rosa - Giranice
Lights - Wilderness Act
Summer Snow - Now That We're Older
Guide you to the truth - A six month season
Reflections - frames
Aerials - Lights & Motion
Narcotic Sea [Boy is Fiction remix] - To Destroy A City
Dreamscape - To Sail Beyond The Sun
Rain Watcher - Wang-Wen
Fear Not The Cycle Of Life - Signals To Vega