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Deep Sleep I: The Meadow


An extremely useful playlist since I have trouble clearing my mind to sleep at night.

Instrumentals and ambient music featuring Marconi Union and Sense of Serenity. Sense of Serenity is a series based on various settings - meadows, deserts, oceans, mountains, etc - used for meditation, sleep, and anxiety reduction. Each playlist will begin with Marconi Union's Weightless as it effectively calms the mind before entering the auditory setting of nature.


11 tracks
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This is a great playlist. Helped me fall asleep in under ten minutes. I applaud you for wisely selecting songs for this playlist, and I will enjoy meditating to this as well. Must listen to this playlist if you want to calm down and feel relaxed.

@mayalish Thank you so much! I'm so glad it helped you sleep and that you plan to use it for meditation. I've used these songs since I was a kid and I only just found the CDs again so I could upload them! :D