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Deep Sleep II: Woodland


The second in the Deep Sleep series.

Instrumentals and ambient music featuring Marconi Union and Sense of Serenity. Sense of Serenity is a series based on various settings - meadows, deserts, oceans, mountains, etc - used for meditation, sleep, and anxiety reduction. Each playlist will begin with Marconi Union's Weightless as it effectively calms the mind before entering the auditory setting of nature.


11 tracks
2 comments on Deep Sleep II: Woodland

second playlist by you that I've added to my 'writing' collection. of all the instrumental mixes I've found here, these two are the least distracting. they calm down my mind so that I can focus. thanks a lot!

@deitery I'm glad you enjoy them and find them helpful! I'll be adding more to the Deep Sleep series soon, actually, and I hope you find them just as calming :D Thank you for listening!

@Praescripsi that's good! cuz it's sad how short they are, and I only can listen to them twice a day, so I spend the other half of the day looking for some other ones, but no such luck so far( they're all too soundtrack-y, too different, stealing too much of my attention, while yours I don't even remember, just know they were there and kept me awake and focused

@deitery I am so glad you love them! I added all these on here because they help to calm my overactive brain down :D I just posted a new one, and I've got two more coming up soon! <3