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To gather the strength to face the world again...
All pretty instrumental pieces

  • Kun OST Piano by Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki
  • Itsumo Nando Demo (piano version) by Guzo Megure Msoms
  • [OST] Ao Haru Ride (Disc 1) #21. 好きな人だけに by Alyssa Song
  • Summer Lights [Air] by Autumnwind
  • Tranquillezza for string by Alea Sdlonyer
  • 祝!恋ばな成就! by actaeon29
  • Last Train Home by Anohana
  • Clannad Nagisa Theme by sakurahanabusa2010
  • Kamisama hajimemashita ost by Kamisama Hajimemashita OST
  • 願いが叶う場所Ⅱ by Key
  • 08 - Usui no Hikari Kage by kwmsbr
  • Kago no Naka by LunaticLie
  • alone by 中川幸太郎
  • Gekkan shoujo Nozaki kun ost 16 by locogetbacker
  • End Theme by 天門
15 tracks
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:O SENPAI NOTICED ME!! Wow I loved this playlist so much. Thank you thank you thank you :) you made me so happy. Your playlists are flawless.